Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anchovy Sandwich


Wheat Bread
Miracle Whip
Bellino Filet of Anchovies (glass jar)
Boar's Head Smoked Gouda Cheese slices
Steinfeld's Home Style Sauerkraut
Sliced Tomatos
Spices: Salt, Pepper & Garlic Powder

Next time I will add a little bit of smoked turkey meat


  1. Not sure I can get some of these in the UK. Is there a specific assembly sequence......

  2. Rob: After studying Assembler in computer science you would think that I might be better at assembling things, especiaLLy things with bling, but I think sadly there is no improvement noticeable just yet. I would say to make the entire sandwich before eating any of it. ActuaLLy having the cheese close to the bread keeps it from getting as soggy. The anchovies are in oil so I should not have put the anchovies directly on the bread. This is my first time ever to eat anchovies. My wife caLLs my great recent gastronomic adventure into fish as "minnows", or her Texas slang "minners". So far I have enjoyed sardines, kippered herring, anchovies, and smoked oysters. It seems like there was something else too. The sauerkraut is a recent add, although I had that and sardines as a child.

  3. anchovies are a good secret ingredient to many meals and soups and the like, try sneaking one into your gumbo mix, although my wife who is a vegetarian would not agree.

    We are off to South Wales tomorrow morning near Saundersfoot a lovely bit of coastline.... back in a week.....

    Oooo yes do you know you have that guess the number and word thing on here.......

  4. Rob: Oh, sorry, I did not know that I had the guess the number and word thing turned on, thanks for letting me know. I wiLL check out Saundersfoot to see what it looks like. You have fun! I got my Epson 4900 printer in today and getting it set up. It is monsterously huge and complicated, plus setting up as a network printer add some complicated-tion to the process slowing me down a bit, but I finaLLy got the computer to chat with the printer. Bought a new giga-bit network switch but then found out the printer was 10/100, so it worked anyway, but I was sure that I had read that the printer had a gigabit card in it, but the light shows gigabit from the computer and 100 speed from the printer. It seems to work just fine.

  5. I think your 10/100 card will be fast enough for the printer, these things only get stressed when the network supports loads of computers and several printers scanners and the like. The break was lovely by the way but we have returned to rain and cold wind back home.

    Your new budding empire of machines will need its own blog at this rate unless you can find a way to use it all to cook food.

    1. I figured that 100 speed was just fine, but I was just looking forward to actuaLLy having my first gigabit network section.

      For now I am just making gumbo. I added turkey sausage tonight. We are eXcited about getting the embroidery machine tomorrow. Yes, I wiLL need a separate blog for our new products!