Saturday, November 17, 2012

Uncle Ern's World Famous Soup

Start with one pound of regular ground pork sausage cooked and chopped into small pieces.

Drain most of the grease off meat.

Seasonings can be added anytime after the meat has been cooked: Tabasco sauce, one teaspoon of sugar, pepper, oregano, garlic powder.

Then add one can of tomato soup and one small can of tomato sauce, mix that up

Add a can of Van Camp's Pork 'N Beans. Spend some time smashing the beans while mixing them into the soup. Puree part of the beans with a spatula.

Add enough water to keep it fluid, a little less than one can of the tomato soup can amount of water.

Add a slice of cheese off the end of a block of Kraft Mild Mexican velveeta that is about a 1/4 inch thick.

The soup burns easily, so watch the amount of heat, stir often.

Add a small amount of Minute Rice, dry, into the soup, maybe a half cup, I use a small amount in my hand.


  1. You are hilarious, I had no idea Velveeta came in flavors.

  2. fmcgmccllc: It comes in several flavors in smaLLer containers. But the Mild Mexican appears to have been replaced by Jalapeño. The ingredient list is almost the same, but it does have a slight color difference. There is a pepper jack variety, too.

  3. I finally made it Mr ESB, one day you should produce a cook book based on all these little ideas.

    I rather liked the . . . . .A bit under construction - but aren't we all?

    1. Rob: I should probably change that to a 'byte under construction' being computer nerdski, but then peoples several might think I made a typographical error-ancy. The weather is pretty today, I need to get outside and enjoy the morning and water the grapes and check the weather forecast to see if the pineapples can move outside, as weLL as get another one started for my friend a few blocks west of here. She doesn't think of herself as having a plantation yet as she only has one plant. I think I told her she could caLL it "an aplantation" since she has a plant. But I need to work on the outdoor site first. Hope you are having better luck with your sewer system today. I just realized that a sewing machine could also be thought of as a sewer system, but it requires imagination and grammar, or immigrammination.